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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Working out the brain, improving learning disabilities

One way to improve learning disabilities or poor recollection (older folks) is to work out the brain, in an organized, systemic, challenging, and appropriate (appropriate to ability) manner.

There's an increasing amount of evidence that this method works very well. Here's providers of some of these computer-based services:

  • Posit Science (Studies show this prgram works). Via internet. $500 USD.
  • Brain Builder 3.0 (Advanced Brain Technologies). CD for computer. $50 USD. I personally recommend this as working. However, I suggest you modify the program by turning down the sound or by closing your eyes, in order to separately strengthen your weak area.
  • Nintendo - Brain Age (Washington Post story here). $150 USD (DS-Lite system), $20 game (@ WalMart for both). Developed by Ryuta Kawashima, a Japanese neurologist. Seems promising, based on good principles of brain cognitive improvement.

These are systems or training that improves underlying cognitive skills, rather than "techniques" that may improve effectiveness but leave the impairment "untreated" if you will. The systems named above improve the underlying, so that techniques will go even farther. (Or not, learning and practicing a "technique" may have less effect than improving the underlying condition).


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