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Friday, July 21, 2006

Computer Rules for Kids

Computer/Internet/Chat Rules

1. What Mom or Dad says goes – even if it changes one of the rules below!
2. Younger daughter and eldest daughter only to use hall computer – bedroom computer may be used by special permission only.
3. Computer use times: TBA
4. No inappropriate language – those using such language will be banned from the computer for at least one week.
5. No inappropriate web-sites, etc.
6. No giving out any personal information on the internet/chat etc. – for example, name, age, sex, location, etc.
7. No “dissing” people – it hurts people and damages them and you. Some people have committed suicide from being slammed by people on the internet. You’re better people than that. Keep it so!
8. No down-loading any files without permission, no smiley faces, no toolbars, etc. whatever.
9. No file-swapping ([music, for instance] various files are often loaded with viruses, and I can be arrested for stealing if the file is copyright).
10. No opening any email attachment, unless you’ve talked to your friend by chat or on the phone and they’ve said they’re sending it to you.
11. Except for the occasional complaint about how strict your Mom and Dad are about the internet, email, chat, etc., you should only say or write anything you wouldn’t mind having your parents, your teachers, any one of your friends read, or seeing it on the front page of the newspaper. If you would be embarrassed having it any one of those places, then don’t say it; don’t write it.
12. Parents may monitor any of the above, at any time.
13. Anyone using the computer expressly agrees to these rules. Otherwise, if you do not agree, then do not use the computer.

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