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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How to Get Along With People

How To Get Along With People

Listen to them. People absolutely won't listen to you, if you didn't listen to them. True listening means with a mind that's willing to be changed, and without cutting them off.

Be friendly. Use a friendly tone of voice, use friendly words and phrases, use friendly facial expressions, and use friendly body posture. Use a moderate volume only, and lower it even more when others raise their voice. Think friendly thoughts!

Remember the relationship - damaging it to get what you want now, makes it harder to get want you want in the future. Be hard on the problem, not on the people.

Have nothing to do with gossip. It hurts everyone involved, and lowers your “trustworthy quotient”.

Keep your promises! Show that you can be trusted by keeping your promises, no matter what! (Trust makes it easier to get along with people, and to get what you want in the future). So think very carefully before promising anything.

Now here’s the oddity: no matter what the other party does, by acting in this way regularly you’ll become more effective and gain higher self-esteem. That’s what right thinking and right action does.

By Jay Walker


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