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Friday, July 21, 2006

Things I love about this world: by youngest child

Things I love about this world

By: youngest child

  • God, because we wouldn’t be here without him
  • CDs, so I have different kinds of music to listen to
  • Ice cream, because I don’t get to eat it often
  • Silly noises that people make
  • Stars to gaze at
  • Being a kid, cause it’s fun
  • Signs to warn you
  • Trees to climb on
  • School, to learn things and not be stupid
  • Different drinks, because they taste good
  • Happiness, so we can enjoy other people
  • Flowers, to make the world beautiful
  • Love, cause we all need love
  • Shopping, because I get to buy fun stuff
  • Sun, so we can enjoy the beach
  • Cars, so we can get there faster, and not always have to walk
  • Newspapers, so we can know what’s happening in the world
  • Nature, so we can explore the world
  • Animals, so we can have a pet to keep us company
  • Sisters to play with
  • Smiling to lighten up other people
  • Beds, so we have something soft to sleep on
  • Smells, so you can experience the smells
  • Babies, cause they’re cute
  • Houses, so you don’t have to live in the cold
  • Mirrors, so you can see what you’re doing
  • Grass, to make the world green
  • Family, because they love us and I love them
(age 10)

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