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Friday, July 21, 2006

What causes ADHD? Poor parenting skills? NO!

What causes ADHD?
This simply isn’t known. However, according to Dr. Harvey Parker, a noted ADHD child psychologist, almost all of the existent evidence points to a neurological or neuro-biological basis for this condition. In other words, it’s not due to bad parenting, an excess of T.V., or video games. He states that …

“There's also strong evidence that ADHD is highly heritable. If you look at twin studies, studies of large samples of identical twins, we see that the likelihood that if one twin has ADHD there's a strong likelihood--90 percent or more--that the other twin is going to have ADHD, even if raised in a different environment.”

He also points out that if you look at studies of adopted children, we see that those ADHD children resemble more their biological parents than they do their adoptive parents in terms of hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. This means that their environment (i.e. upbringing, surroundings, etc) has less effect on them than their biology does.

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