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Friday, July 21, 2006

Chore list for kids: Outside Jobs

These are outside jobs suitable for children of various ages.

Inside chores, here, and thoughts on "'Crime' and Punishment" for children, here.

Outside Jobs

1. Set sprinklers up in front
2. Set sprinklers up in back
3. Move sprinklers
4. Mow lawn in front (12+ age)
5. Mow lawn in back (12+ age)
6. Sweep front walk
7. Wash front driveway
8. Wash Mom’s car
9. Wash Dad’s car
10. Vacuum Mom’s car
11. Vacuum Dad’s car
12. Clean windows in Mom’s car
13. Clean windows in Dad’s car
14. Clean all panels in Mom’s car
15. Clean all panels in Dad’s car
16. Sweep &/or scrub decks

1. Rake leaves in front
2. Rake leaves in back
3. Stuff bags with already raked leaves or trimmed branches, etc.
4. Vacuum Mom’s car
5. Vacuum Dad’s car
6. Clean windows in Mom’s car
7. Clean windows in Dad’s car
8. Sweep &/or scrub decks

1. Shovel our walk and tenants walk
2. Shovel our side of the driveway
3. Shovel tenants side of the driveway

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