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Friday, July 21, 2006

When smart people turn dumb: Global Warming Dummies.

Well, I've seen it time and time again,

People who deny global warming exists, offer up a few obscure sources to support their claims (much like tobacco company scientists), and don't even seem to understand that some of the basics aren't even up for dispute anymore (eg like that CO2 actually traps heat - this has been known for a 100 years or better).

What I find a bit frustrating are people who just come in and talk about this in fuzzy issues. They "just don't think" that CO2 emissions are having any effect on global warming, and offer up some strange and bizarre reasons, without any support from any reasonably credible source. These are the same people who bemoan from others, that "these things are pretty easy to check".

It's almost as if they woke up that morning and said, "I've got take my stupid pill, today!". Then they proceed to operate on that basis - despite being clearly intelligent on other forums, they offer up pasty mush, weak thinking, and third rate sources. Ignoring all the while the vast credible number of experts in the field, the plethora of research, and even the well-understood basic dynamics of the global warming "theory". That they do this without offering even the most basis offsets of some sustantial thinking, logic or research showing how the current thinking or research is wrong, is frustrating, infuriating and lazy.

Please - grab a brain!

Just don't expect us to park ours at the door!

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